With only six months of operation, the free application developed by the Heinsohn business group for the New Health Promoting Entity (NEW EPS), managed to increase its usability by 200%. To date, the APP reaches 28,000 registered users, hoping that this figure will continue to increase.

NEW mobile EPS , is the entity’s version for cell phones, which aims to simplify and streamline the processes that the user carries out before the EPS. With this platform, members will be able to carry out errands, transactions and queries virtually, through Android, Iphone or Windows.One of the requirements that NUEVA EPS made to Heinsohn in the innovation of its previous application, and which was only for consultation, was to give special priority to the user experience compared to the new tools available. Currently, NUEVA EPS has a large percentage of affiliates over 50 years of age and therefore, the tool had to guarantee basic and easy-to-understand navigability.

The Heinsohn team was in charge of carrying out usability studies with older adults, to deliver, after six months of work, a platform with an intuitive design and available to everyone.

NEW mobile EPS, offers three navigation menus: the notifications menu alerts the user about authorizations, payments and pending documents to be updated, it also allows requesting and remembering medical appointments. In the news menu , content is offered according to location and topics of interest, if the user wishes, he can share it on his social networks and the menu of places of interest, which allows, through a georeferencing system, to find the names and addresses of the closest hospitals, care offices and pharmacies (to make these functions effective, it is necessary to have the phone’s GPS active).

Likewise, the application allows to qualify, in a range of one to five stars, the care received in hospitals and pharmacies of the network, for this, the user must be in a diameter not greater than 500 meters from the place where the service was provided. service.This tool has not only brought benefits to users, the entity has also been favored with measurements that were not possible before. The system accesses relevant data delimited by sectors, areas, departments, age ranges, among other alternatives.

The Customer Service Manager of NUEVA EPS, Lida Benitez, highlights how this new version has had a positive impact on the Company’s service processes, “The second version of our App allows the user to save in every way, time, money and displacement. New mobile eps aims to offer the user a new service experience, where they themselves have the possibility of following up on their services without having to stand in line”.

Article Published in Computerworld Magazine Issue 502 August 2019: View Now